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Gihed Propery Festival
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Property search is an online real estate feature that provides useful and easy-to-find information about real estate in Ahmedabad. The Internet has become an extremely good source of hunting for information pertaining to real estate and related activities. Previously, one would visit libraries, refer to books or advertisements, and rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to gather information about real estate. Now, however, all the information one may need before investing in real estate is just a mouse-click away at GIHED E-PROPERTY SEARCH. The website has a wide array of options and information about real estate and real estate related services.



I extend my congratulations to GIHED for its meaningful journey of realty development keeping human face in mind and my best wishes for the publication of a book “Concrete Realities”.

Shri Narendra Modi (PM, INDIA)


GIHED has been a movement of cooperation and solutions rather than confrontation.GIHED has always been the part of solutions. GIHED has used every policies of government for all round development touching the lives of millions of home buyers.



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